Monday, January 20, 2014

Rules for Living

An article was published by the Canadian Press today about the 9 rules for living that author Bruce Grierson  has penned. Grierson recently published a book, What Makes Olga Run?, about 93 year-old Canadian track star Olga Kotelko. I’m looking forward to reading the book because WOW! what an inspiration. Olga didn't take up track and field events until she was in her 70s and sounds like the kind of old lady I would love to grow up to be.

Back to Grierson’s 9 rules for living. Some of his rules seem like no brainers: “Begin Now” - “Don't Do It If You Don't Love It” - “Keep Moving”, while some made me pause and think about them a bit more: “Be Opportunistic” – “Believe in Something” and "Be a Mensch"  . It made me think. What rules for living do I have? At the young age of 43, I’m no expert on longevity, but I realized I do have a few “rules” that I try to follow. Hopefully they help lead to a long and healthy life. And who knows? Maybe I’ll be setting records when I’m in my 90s!

Andy’s Rules for Living

  1. Laugh every day 
  2. Tell the people you love that you love them every day 
  3. Drink plenty of water 
  4. Eat fresh vegetables 
  5. Get out and walk 
  6. Get enough sleep 
  7. Be kind to yourself 
  8. Own pets 
  9. Believe in yourself 
What are your rules for living?

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  1. Great post Andy! What an inspiring lady! Sounds like a great book, I will have to check it out. The only rule I try to live by is "try not to be hateful today" but rarely do I make it the full 24 hours. Hmmm... I might need to do something about that ;)