Friday, January 10, 2014

What to listen to

When I first started running Hilary made me an awesome play list of songs that all had something to do with running , walking or encouragement.

As I started running longer and longer I added in more songs; fast rhythm songs that made me feel like I could run fast.  I would pace myself to the song, finding that I could dig a bit deeper and move a bit faster to keep up with a favorite.

Around the same time that I started running I also discovered Overdrive, an app that allows you to borrow audio books from the library.   I've been a fan of audio books since the time they were called books on tape. Liam has the whole Harry Potter series and he listens to them constantly.  I love listening to books during my bus ride every morning.  It helps the time go by quickly when I let myself get lost in the story.

One day I was at a most exciting part of the book I was listening to when I was getting ready to go for my run.  So instead of my normal playlist of fast, upbeat running music, I listened to the audio book.  30 minutes of running never passed so quickly!

As long as I have a very interesting book on the go, I prefer it over music when I run.  Especially now that I'm running endless loops of an indoor track, where there isn't much to focus on.  Having a story read to me, usually by voice actors with amazing voices and accents, makes the run a pleasure.

What do you listen to when you run?

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  1. I really need to try books while running. I think it would be great for the long runs.