Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Finding time for yourself is important.  If you don’t recharge and relax you can never be the best person for those around you.  But finding that time can be hard.  Work, commuting, dinner, house cleaning, homework, sleep, grocery shopping, bedtime routines, family time, date nights and every other little detail of life still need to happen.  It can seem overwhelming to try to add in exercise on top of it all.  Yet if we don’t make the time, it will never happen.

Some people wake up early, before the requirements of the day begin and run or work out then.  I’ve managed to do that a grand total of once.  I value my sleep just as much as being active.  Actually, I might value sleep a wee bit more. 

One of the ways that I’ve added in the time to exercise without feeling guiltyier about taking away family time was to join Tae Kwon Do with Liam.  That way I’m still getting 3 hours of exercise a week, but I’m still spending that time with him. 

Finding time over and above TKD to fit in running is currently a struggle.  I don't get home from work till after 5:00, and even if I'm out the door by 5:30, it's after 6:30 before I'm home, changed and ready to engage in family life. It is doable, and I have an amazing family that is supportive of this, but I find it hard sometimes to just go, Go, GO! 

How do you balance all the requirements of life with finding time to exercise?


  1. It is hard. No two ways about it. I'm glad you have a supportive family!

  2. Time... for.... yourself... what is that? lol It is important, and sometimes you have to sneak it where you can! And I agree, sleep is super important!