Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Who inspires you?

Today while I was on one of the websites that I use to help track my journey to health, I noticed that  a friend had updated her "what inspires you" section with ME!  She finds me inspiring!!

I don't know that I've ever inspired anyone before... especially for something like health and weight loss.

I however, am inspired by a few people.

  • My mom - she's struggled with her weight all her life and is now also dealing with diabetes.  She is at her goal weight and at 71, is more active than most folks my age.  
  • Hilary and Liam - they inspire me to be the healthiest I can be so that I can be active, have fun and enjoy life with them.
  • My SIL Sarah - she's a single Mum striving to live a healthy life and raising my awesome nephew to be an amazing man one day.
  • My friend Sandy - She has overcome cancer and lives with Celiac disease.  She carries on and is finding new ways to be healthy.
  • My friend Jason - He suffered a heart attack this summer that scared the heck out of all of us.  He too is finding new ways to be healthy.
And there are many others too.  Everyone who is on this journey to health and well being inspires me.  On days that I struggle to stay the course I have many people that I can turn to for guidance, support and inspiration.

Finding your way isn’t always easy. Life’s direction can feel like a maze. The gift of true friendship is that it takes us by the hand and reminds us we are not alone in the journey.”~ Unknown

Who inspires you?

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