Saturday, January 18, 2014

What's in your cart?

Being prepared and having the right foods on hand is key to eating well.  If you don't have everything you need to get through the week, it's too easy to fall back on eating out, grabbing quick snacks and suddenly you have undone all your hard work from the week before.

On Saturday Hilary plans out our meals for the upcoming week, we discuss what I want to take for lunches and have for breakfast each day, we make a list and head to the grocery store.   We buy very few "convenience" foods, preferring fresh items that we prepare ourselves.  Except waffles - one of the few foods Liam will eat (and nope, he won't eat Hilary's amazing homemade waffles.  Oh well, more for me)

If you aren't used to planning, shopping, preparing and cooking I can understand how it can seem overwhelming to eat healthy, homemade foods.  I'm doubly blessed that Hilary is not only an amazing cook, she is also a domestic goddess that has all of this planning, shopping and preparing stuff down to a fine art.  Mostly I'm just along for the ride (I usually don't even get to push the cart; sometimes she lets me cross things off the list, but I think that is just to keep me busy and cut down on my opportunities for impulse purchases)

I read somewhere recently that you should only shop for items around the outer aisles of the grocery store.  That keeps you away from the canned and packaged goods and steers you to the fresh produce, cheese, meat and seafood counters.  The majority of our shopping seems to be done in the fruit and vegetable section, so I think we have this "rule" down pat.

What is in your shopping cart each week?

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