Saturday, January 4, 2014

Winter Running

Yesterday we had 2 feet of snow fall.  Last week we had an ice storm that has left ice buried under the 2 feet of snow.  Needless to say I will not be running outside until all of this foolishness is over with.

I have found an indoor track that works out perfectly.  It's more or less on my way to and from work, it's not expensive ($2.00 each time) and has recently been upgraded with nice shock absorbing floors. It also offers live entertainment, depending when you go.  The track is around the top spectator section of a hockey rink, so there are often practices/games going on that you can watch while you run.

Even though it's on the way, scheduling time to get there is still tough.  My goal is to get there Friday nights and Sunday afternoons. I'm hoping that this, along with Tae Kwon Do 3 days a week will help me get back in shape and ready for some races this year.

I've already signed up for 2 virtual 5k runs in March.  The Shamrock Shuffle on March 16 and  the Transform Lives race on March 22.  I will also be signing up for The Ocean Breeze race again. This year I plan to run the 10k.  EEK!  That means I have a lot of training to do.  Luckily that one isn't until June.

Do you run outside in the winter?  If not, have you found a good alternative?

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  1. We just got a bit of snow, but right now it's like -2 degrees... I'm not going to attempt to fumble in the snow like a puppy in the water when I don't know what I'm doing. I wish there was a place where I live like this that I could run indoors! That would be amazing, and I would probably go every day... I'm a baby like that lol