Saturday, January 25, 2014

Speed Work

Speed is a relative term.  Speed to a snail might be considered standing still to the a jaguar.  The same applies for runners.  Liam can "dork walk" faster than I can run.   But even I have more than 1 speed when I'm running.  I can't (yet) maintain my faster speed for very long, and I've just introduced "speed work" in the hopes of improving.

Why do speed work?
Speed work doesn’t just make you run faster. It makes you fitter, increases the range of movement in your joints, makes you more comfortable at all speeds, and it will ultimately help you to run harder for longer. Source: Runners World

 There are hundred's of articles and how-to's for adding speed work to your running regimen.  I took the simplest approach.  On every fifth lap of the track I would speed up to my maximum speed for the last straightaway section.  Then I would keel over slow down, catch my breath and try to keep going.

Surprisingly, while the speed work is hard, it feels great!  For the first time I'm moving fast, not just shuffling along.  I see a glimpse of the runner I want to become.  I should also add in Hill Work, but that will have to wait till spring, since the track is pretty flat.

Do you add speed or hill work to your runs?  What is your strategy?

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